Grunz Doomhammer II

Grunz is a bit weird. He's a NC fighter - and he's a bit bored being able of nothing more than hitting people. His story is weird too. His father is/was a leader of an orcish clan. His mother is a human princess that always felt strangely drawn towards orcs. After being abducted by orcs she somehow won the heart of Grunz' father. They got a child, Grunz of course. And then it turned out that this princess and mother had been cursed by an unknown wizard. She had been an orc before but had lost her orcish body because of the curse. Now Grunz is searching for this wizard who cursed his mother.
Grunz' father is another special case too. He refused to worship Groomsh and instead started to worship the secret brother of Groomsh. His name is Grinsh. I just hope, this Grinsh does not have fur...