~ Map of the four realms ~

The 'civilized' lands end in oceans in the south and west. In the north and east the borders are high mountains.
Further in the north there are the lands known as the "Icy Plains", a world covered by snow and ice all over the year. Despite its name and the common knowledge these lands are mostly mountains with a sheer neverending tundra area behind them.
Behind the mountains in the east there are wide steppes and somewhere behind those there are the legendary "Eastern Kingdoms".
In the West there's not much more than the ocean. It is commonly assumed that the world ends somewhere behind the horizon.
Behind the ocean in the south lie the "Scorched Lands", a vast desert. And behind this dangerous, deadly desert legends place even more deadly jungles.

The realms that lie within these borders are ruled by four nations. Three of them are mighty kingdoms, the fourth is an alliance ruled by an emperor. This empire is the largest of the four realms when it comes to land and people. The four nations are constantly near starting a war against each other and skirmishes near the borders are almost everyday business. The reason that prevents this war is somewhat paradox: As long as the Empire is united, the three kingdoms cannot afford to withdraw soldiers from the borders to attack one of the other nations, because the Empire would use this weakness immediately and start an attack. And as long as the three kingdoms don't wage war against each other the Empire cannot afford starting a war against one of them because the other kingdoms would immediately use this opportunity to attack the weak borders of the Empire. This 'peace' is, of course, a very instable one.

The Kingdoms:

  • Taraine is the most southern kingdom. Additionally to a large landmass on the main continent it also controls the peninsula of Benainoret on the border to the Scorched Lands. The Tarainians are great seafarers that control the strait of Benainoret and large parts of the Ageisian Sea as well as parts of the western coasts.
  • Modan is the smallest of the three kingdoms. Although it lies at the western coast, the Modans have little interest in seafaring. They prefer concentrating on the mountains at their eastern border, where they run several iron, coal and diamond mines. The modan people consist of a large number of dwarven folk.
  • Leonce is the most northern of the three kingdoms. The people from Leonce are known for two things: fierce fighters and fine arts. To train the best warriors they regularly send troops into the Icy Plains, where the soldiers learn to fight under worst conditions against monstrous enemies. Those who return are considered elite soldiers.

The Emperial Alliance of Kreolia covers more landmass than the three kingdoms together. Unfortunately the alliance is not as united as it should be. It is more a merger of several counties and shires, all ruled by regional governors, knights and nobles. Several ongoing feuds and vendettas between the regional rulers are paralysing the clout of the Empire.

The Islands of Durlare and Mebever lie southwest of Taraine. Those scanty, rocky islands do not belong to any of the four realms, but are two little nations of their own. They try the best to keep their neutrality. Durlare has some arrangements with Taraine over passing and docking rights for tarainian ships that guarantee Durlare's independence, but the Durlar people would be very happy to get rid of these arrangements. Mebever is considered to be just a boring rock in the ocean and gets almost no attention of any of the four great nations. Still both, Durlare and Mebever know the tiradenian sea like noone else, especially when it comes to sailing south along the deadly coasts of the Scorched Lands.